Thursday, June 17, 2010

Music of the Moment: Get your life together...

Here's a snippet of what I'm listening to lately... some old some not so old. The common theme though is that it's time to get back on track. For starters, I'm going to clean up my home office and eventually my life. It's no longer acceptable to take the, "We'll see how it goes" approach. That, and I haven't tackled anything on my Lifelist for a while now. Slacker!

Tim and Neil Finn - Only Talking Sense

There's a lot of speculation about the meaning of these lyrics, all of which share a facet of validity. The ambiguity of the lyrics span several scenarios, whether it's an adult's recollection of child abuse, male/female relationships or even unmasking the vulnerability of certain friendships that contain the closeness of kindness and cruelty. I came across this song with my ipod in shuffle mode today and after listening to it, I had the same kind of feeling as when you're finally lifted from a heavy burden. Interesting.

Switchfoot - Mess of Me

We all make crazy mistakes along the way, you know, like that time you got drunk and threw a hamburger and bottle of beer at your sister before getting eighty-sixed from a casino. In our search for the root cause of all the madness, quite often we find that we're our own worst enemies... the source of our own dysfunction. This song acknowledges that obvious fact yet still inspires hope that even the "doozies" we commit won't rob  us of redemption someday. Maybe today!

Anyhow, I hope to find more cheerful inspiration before the end of the day, after all, I have dinner with my old network nerds and I plan to show them my fuggly-fuggly braces then laugh most of the night. :)

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