Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Letter to my 20 year old self...

I was happy to dig beyond the surface level advice when adding my letter to the collection over at Cassie Boorn's blog which I came across by way of Mighty Girl. As with so many of my other letters, I was ultimately glad to get it off my chest. Here's what I came up with...

Hey You!

Instead of spending all day looking back at things like regrets, I want to reinforce the good things you have going for you, kid. For the most part, you're doing all the right things. Learning how to fail and pick yourself back up is tough, but there's no way around that. Some things you simply must learn and I'm happy that you're not a quitter.

1. Your instincts are very sharp. Your ability to read other people is crisp and uncanny. Just be sure to react accordingly.

2. At times, I think you're just too nice. Overly fair... much to your own detriment. Stick to your guns, girl, and don't cave just to make everyone else happy. Never let anyone treat you like a second class citizen. You and your opinion matter every ounce as much as anyone else. And more. I'm sorry no one pulled you aside to tell you sooner.

3. Try not to waiver. Keep an eye on that guy who gave you a bloody nose in kickboxing, you're gonna like him more than you think. And yes, the breast reduction was a fantastic decision. Breastfeeding woes aside, it's the best decision you're going to make for a while.

4. Despite the fact that you're a hard worker and generally a good person, you're going to run into some kinks. Hold your head up (like you know how), keep fighting and stay positive. I promise there's a big smile and a certain satisfaction waiting for you on the other side of your twenties.

5. The light. Nobody will tell you that some people posses an amazing luminosity about them. You do. People tend to gravitate toward you because of your energy, spark and wild zest for life (reference: your social life). Word of caution though, the light can fade or even burn out if you continue to change yourself into what everyone else wants you to be. To that point, it might behoove you to take some time to figure out who you really are and what you're willing to do for love, friends, and more. Its your call...

And believe it or not, I do love you.


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