Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blogs I love... and things I want to try.

Happy Tuesday! I'm in the mood to be inspired by fun, clever and beautiful things. Here's where I'm at:

1. Linda & Harriett - Linda and Harriet are the creative force that drives this quirky stationery company. I especially heart their birthday calendar and hope to produce one of my own.

2. Chica and Jo - How to make hard candy jewels. Not sure how well this would go over with little tiny kids, but big girls will definitely want to make these super pretty jewels to impress all the fashion friends or princess inspired garden parties. Very cool.

3. These super cute individual cupcake stands at hello hanna. If you long to lose yourself in craft days alone or with the kiddos, this is a playground where you'll definitely get to swing from the monkey bars. Did you see the wishing tree???

4. I am so crushing on the beautiful mix of summer patterns and layers over at This is Glamorous. It's the kick in the pants that my Summer wardrobe needed!

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