Wednesday, November 18, 2009

French Inspiration...

I've been dragging my feet around work a little, still feeling burnt out from last weeks travel and ruthlessly long workdays. So to embrace my inner chill-out (and to recover from another episode of nimbda - a cold virus for you non-nerds), I spent some quiet time with my internets.

In seeking all things simple, beautiful and fabulous, I unintentionally came across these really great (mostly) French inspired comforts:

1. A well thought out Dinner to honor my friends with (like the ones they do up at Sunday Suppers), complete with a menu for the evening and professional wine pairings. People are enamored with great food, especially when it's fresh, organic and is prepared in new and interesting ways. I'd love to catch up with friends and plan a dinner party with a prettily dressed table, a great theme, lots of candles and good times. Wouldn't it be great to surprise friends with a special gathering that is reminiscent of the atmosphere a la The French Laundry or Le Bec Fin? Yes those are highly ambitious sources of ispiration, but it will help raise the bar on your level best dinner parties. More french table setting inspiration here. Photo by Karen Mordechai

2. Anytime I'm looking to boost my spirits with something easy and replenishing, I'll try putting together this gorgeously refreshing mint water (again, idea is courtesy of Sunday Suppers). Can you say five second fabulous? I once went to a nearby spa who keeps fresh lemon and orange slices in pitchers of water and it tastes so wonderful. And what about orange-mint, lemon-mint, lemon-basil or a lavender-rosemary water? It's like the time I found those lemon-apple-cider and basil lemonade recipes and never quite stopped experimenting? This Mint Cucumber Water concoction is also on the list for my next get together. Get a little more herbal water inspiration here. Photo by Karen Mordechai

3. A gloriously simple dessert from Sunday Suppers: Bittersweet Chocolate and Orange Pot de Crème with Almond Cream. This is so delicious and easy to make, it would be a sin not to try it. I plan on serving it up at my next dinner party in small, sweet little doses with a touch of orange zest. De-lish! Find more French dessert inspiration here. Photo by Karen Mordechai

4. Look great without trying too hard. My current inspiration is this intentionally messy bun that happens to rock. Just think, with the aid of a few bobbie pins, you can stylishly run errands, gracefully maneuver the grocery store and even rock the mall with this hairdo. No need for clips or flat irons or blow driers. Or hoodies. Two minute hair plus lipstick, concealer and mascara means you can be out the door that much sooner to look hot and get on with your day! More simple, gorgeous inspiration for long hair here and here. Photo by Anna Wolf.

5. Dressing for a night out. The Red Carpet Closing Event for the 32nd Annual Stars Denver Film Festival. This year's closing film depicts one of my all time favorite British Royals, Queen Victoria and her beloved Albert. The Young Victoria shows Saturday, November 21, 7:30 PM at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House.

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