Friday, September 11, 2009

What's it all worth?

Apart from the utter disappointment of not having more free time to write, I am calling into question the value and worth of suddenly billing a ton of travel hours.

Like any traveling mom, I miss the kids and I wonder what the effects of being gone for weekly stretches will have on both them. And what it will do to my relationship with them. Ah yes, and maintaining a marriage, buying a new home and coordinating the associated move, birthday parties and managing a social calendar also hang in the balance as I write. If you add the stress of taking on a new job and the challenges of such an undertaking you can begin to identify with where I'm at.

Here's hoping I become more strategic in my travel plans and learn not to book flights that involve me getting up at 3 AM Eastern to arrive on time. That, and I could really stand to pack lighter, live lighter and think about what's really important. Is taking on corporate challenges worth the sacrifice to my home life?

Despite the recession, I have a number of close girlfriends who are former hard core corporate citizens and have suddenly up and quit their high profile, demanding jobs in favor of staying home with the kids or to maintain a home. They value time at home over the money they would rake in at a corporate job.

This regression to a more traditional support model absolutely begs the question, "Am I missing out by not staying home with the kids? Will I regret this later?"

As of yet, I have no answers.

Oh and being on two airplanes on 9/11 slightly freaks me out. Gaaaa. Can't wait to get home.

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