Sunday, September 13, 2009

Seasons Change...

Call it a wake up call from the crisp Fall breeze, a result of hearing about how happy my friends are to become stay at home moms, or my system finally revealing the wear and tear of so much time spent on airplanes, on-call 24x7x365, away from home, and in back to back meetings. I should instead be outside enjoying fresh air and spending time with people I love and constantly wish to share quality time with.

I might later regret saying this out loud now, but I want to reinvent my life. Quit my job. Shed the excess. Shop less, quit trying to be so fabulous, live on less, feel less stress, have less drama. Just be less. And it could be great.

Finally write that book. Take a leap of faith and hope that's all I'd need to get by. Optimize what I have. Acknowledge and accept where I'm at. Act on that longing to think differently, to let my mind really unfold.

Less tick-tock, tick-tock could be sublime. Now if my nerve could only catch up to my recurring longing for peace...

Stay tuned.

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