Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Don't call me baby: Female Fantasy Football Team Names

Right. So I've recently agreed to join a FFL league with Riz and some other great nerds from work. And btw, FFL = Fantasy Football League for all of my kindred - those nerdy, non-sports or "artistic" types.

Ordinarily, I prefer get all of my shopping done during the game on Sunday because I get to avoid the crowds. This year however, I will be calling out players for an electronic draft (because the league is geographically dispersed throughout the country) and I won't be even slightly concerned with how well their uniforms coordinate or how hot players look while modeling a jockstrap. I suppose I could somehow use that criteria in the event of a tie during the draft... but I digress. My largest hurdle yet is in deciding my team's name.

Dear readers, I need your help. What is a good Female FFL team name? Since I'm the only chick, I want to have something clever that sets me apart from my destined-to-be-FFL-loser male counterparts. Here are some team names I've compiled thus far:

Red Zone Drama
Jockstrap Diaries
First and Femme
4th and Gorgeous (the one I'm currently using)
Halftime Hottie
The Implants
Balls of invisibility
Yo Mommas Sports Bra
These bros are my hoes (soooo not my idea!)
Giggling Gridiron
First and who cares?
Designer Defense
Buy Me A Touchdown

Help! If you have a name that's enlightening or entertaining, pop me a note. Thank you my readers, ever so.

*** Update: Because my mom has decided to help me with my weekly picks, my brain spawned another team name, "Throw Momma from the Team." Next year when she get's her own FFL team, I'll suggest, "Throw Momma from the League." And I'll mean it. lol

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