Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dorks on a Dancefloor... no visuals needed.

Scenario: A supposed work conversation between Riz and I that takes a sudden 1980's break dancing turn for the bizarre. No actual visuals are involved, only instant messenger.

Me: So is your boss finally recognizing all of your hard work? Does he really, truly value your contribution to the team?
Him: Yeah, but he's gotta know that I will not be Mr. Roboto.
Me: Sorry, I mean to listen and empathize... honestly. Uhhh, it's just that I got a visual of you doing the robot.
Him: Actually, I was. How weird is that?
Me: Now I'm doing it too... See?
Him: Yeah, more pop-n-lock. There u go... nice!
Me: Thanks, I finally got my forearm to swing back and forth just right.

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