Saturday, December 20, 2008

Coming up: Time for chill-axin'

So I'm working one last weekend change window tonight for work which is completely lame but will be forgivingly overlooked as I will be on vacation for the remainder of the year. Yay! I was loving the thought of pissing around with almost nothing to do... then it occurred to me that thoughts like that server as nothing more than a cruel desert mirage. I'm agitated that I don't have a firm grip on the holidays and that my schedule fills up so crazily. Gaaa, only a social retard would complain about having numerous Christmas celebrations to attend and only a jackass would wait until this late to finish holiday shopping. Or to complete addressing Christmas cards. Surely I know the holidays arrive at the same time each year, what the phuck is wrong with me? I own a calendar and everything, I should know better.

Honest to goodness, I just long for time to sleep in, to cancel the cleaning lady so I can clean the house myself, take the kids to the museum or just make some cereal and park it in front of the tube for a while. I ache to be on auto-pilot but the last minute phone calls, miscellaneous loose ends and endless to-do's simply won't allow it. What is up with the constant overload that always corrupts my daydreams and hijacks my life?

Undoubtedly, I need a fix. And I'll find one too, right after I get done working tonight, wrap up a movie that I'm making for my parent's 36th wedding anniversary (tomorrow), get up early tomorrow morning to be on time for church followed by an early Christmas celebration with one of our segmented families.

Amid all that chaos, here's hoping I get rid of the dark circles under my eyes and figure out how to once again be the master of my own domain/schedule/slumber. If I can make it to the museum this side of January, wrap all the gifts I haven't bought yet and find time to sleep in late and meet my girlfriends for coffee, I would be so delightfully undone.

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