Tuesday, December 09, 2008

..and then I woke up.

There I was, sitting in the very dark of my mind, contemplating a hard answer to a difficult dilemma. Have you ever just sat idle in the middle of a bad dream where all of your emotions are intact, but you have almost no control over your actions? Exactly. I dreamt it in slow motion. My dear blog. It was fading. I was ending it. Dispair began to creep into the creases around my eyes. My fingers tapped the mouse buttons millimeters away from the delete button. I turned my sunken eyes as not to look at the screen of my PC. No more livelihood for the little evil girl inside. My ruthless rants and dramatic episodes would all be forgotten. Click, click, click.

What a horrible dream. Good thing I woke up and realized that my lovely blog is still intact and fully operational. I live to blog here. Other people live for me to blog here. I can't cut out an essential organ out of my person and still expect to function. This blog is a critical fiber of my being, and I can't stop bloggin'. I'm still at it people, fuck-an-a.

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