Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Reunited, at last...

I was nervous at first, because I simply didn't know what to expect. I'd broken up with the old nerds for over two years now, so I wasn't sure how to navigate through the awkwardness of what we'd all been through. Or even where to even start at what would be our final outing as the 'Super Friends'.

UA suggested we all meet at one of our old spots, Old C's downtown off of 14th. It was Sunday afternoon and I continued my lame tradition of having a 30 minute lag time (sorry). UA and I walk in to find Jeckyl sitting alone at a booth, pitcher of apricot ale on the table, just looking out the window. He's aged slightly, but botox aside, so have we. I think each of us were silently disappointed that Vmack didn't show, but deep down that's what we expected from him anyway.

Breaking the ice wasn't so bad, glad to have brought the Scrabble board for old time's sake. We all got to argue over the plural form of newt. Was it newt or netws? As in, "Yes, I'd like to buy four newt please..." And how do you NOT notice the word penis is suddenly in the middle of the board when you step away for 2 minutes? LOL

Sitting with these people after so long made me smile. Really. It made me remember why I like them so much and made me recall the millions of reasons that we were such great friends. UA's clever wit, deviant smile and outrageous fables still rule the day. She convinced both the waiter and me that we were Scrabble tournament players there prepping for a $15,000 Scrabble tournament at the Mirage in Vegas in two weeks! I'm no longer amazed that I've never had to wait in a line and always got VIP access everywhere we've gone for the past 10 years. Wow.

And JDahg always impresses me with his full on gadgetry. He actually has a version of the phone (8585) that I have been crushing on for weeks! That, and he was sporting a black Oakley vest that you blow up to keep warm. Funny but functional, nerdy yet adventurous. He wasn't surprised that we like the same tech or that we've always wanted the same silly things. He remembered that I loved apricot ale. Jdahg just knows all of us like that. And though he didn't have the nerve to show, we all just laughed at the fact that Vmack could be such an asshole sometimes. Turns out, we really haven't changed that much.

Thank you, Super Friends, its been a blast. Being friends with each of you will remain one of the greatest highlights of my life (kids and husband aside). Thank you for everything from foam night, Soprano night, movie night, clubbing, studying, birthdays, Christmas dinners together, rafting, skiing, jet skiing, hanging out a the lake, bar hopping, work, letting me put makeup on everybody to concerts and wild adventrues of every kind. Not sure if we'll ever keep in touch, but the occasional reunion could be fun.

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