Thursday, August 09, 2007

Nerds hate drama, unless it's on Jerry Springer or Battlestar Galactica

Him: You ever make up with all your old nerds friends?
Me: No, not really. We're pretty much done.
Him: Damn, you always have a lot of Drama in your Life...
Me: I know. But only in my personal life. It's not like I turn all chick and cry at my desk or anything.
Him: Yeah whatever, it's still drama.
Me: So... I'm thinking about going to marriage counseling.
Him: That's a good idea, if you think it would help. Maybe it's just you.
Me: Could be. I just don't know if I want to do all the PD this time. (That's problem determination for all you non-nerds)
Him: Well you should at least figrure out the RCA! (Again, that's root cause analysis. Why the hell are non-nerds reading this?)

Up Next: Notes on how to avoid getting drunk and having a big girl roll on you and burst your ear drum. Courtesy of Granola-Nerd.

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