Tuesday, August 07, 2007


So... There I am at lunch with my fave nerds the second time it happened. We're mid conversation, halfway through the chips and salsa when it stuns me. My heart gets that panicked, nervous feeling. Oh God, they're going to see... quick, put your glasses back on!

I look down into my lap and pretend that I'm bored. Wait, just keep waiting, it will stop. Oh no, what if it doesn't? What if my face stays stuck in this worried expression for days? Damnit, damnit, damnit I can't believe I paid money for this shit. 18 freaking units of botox only to learn that two months later my face freezes up when my forehead muscles try to recover? WTF? It's supposed to last for 3 to 6 months! Bloody hell, I just can't get a beauty break for shit these days.

Lucky for me, the nerds didn't really notice. My mind went blank when it happened and left them all thinking that I couldn't calculate a tip for lunch. So what... at least they didn't see me looking like franken-face! Not sure how this works now. Do I get more botox injections to stop my forehead muscles from recovering? No word from the plastics Dr. to verify whether or not this is a standard reaction. I'm thinking this isn't a good sign. I called Lisa who said I got too much botox to begin with.

Oh man, it's probably time to finally face the facts and deal with the existence of wrinkles. At least I'll stop looking like I've completely lost my mind.

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