Thursday, May 12, 2005

If your status ain't hood...

Scenario: I am getting highlights at the beauty salon with my cousin who knows zero street slang. Even though we're in a salon not far from the ghetto, she has no clue what slang words like bling-ass-bling, hizzy, bee-yatch, and phat-ass mean.

Stylist: Girl, my man is so tired! I need to find me some strange.
Me: Go on Girl! Tell me something juicy.
(odd look from cousin)
Stylist (to cousin): You know what we mean, don't you?
Cousin: Me? Oh yeah... Yeah.
Me (to cousin): So... do you ever get strange?
Cousin: Yeah, sometimes. Actually, my husband and I get strange all the time.
Stylist and Me: YOU DO???
Cousin: Uh huh. Sometimes we even get really weird.

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