Friday, May 13, 2005

Today has been hard as hell.

Typically work is something of a breeze, but not lately. I feel so tired, yet three carmel latte's haven't helped pep me up at all. I barely feel alert. That, and I have been plagued by what I like to call a "perpetual headache." That's the kind of headache you don't actually develop, it simply shows up everday and just exists. WTF?

If you can believe it, I'm too tired to go to happy hour. I'm even too tired to sit at home and drink. This is unnatural.

What's next? Well the weekend is filling up. Shopping at Cherry Creek on Saturday with Chloe and friends from work. Can you believe I know somebody who paid $200 for a pair of jeans? Sure, his butt is perfect in them, but that's still too much damage for jeans. They should make push-up undies so your butt looks big just like they do for push up bras. Do they do saline butt implants? Sign me up!

Did I mention my sister (a.k.a. Spokesperson for women who are either super ugly or super needy and require makeup on a super short notice) practically forced me to do makeup for her friend? Then her friend called to fit her friend into the makeup schedule too. Saturday is officially full. Every Saturday for the past month and a half has been full of makeup requests. I need to charge more. On the other hand, my portfolio is shaping up rather nicely.

Does any lotto winner out there want to adopt me, pay off my house and take me on vacation? Hello? Anybody?

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