Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hello? 911? I have a beauty emergency...

Him: Hey what's up?
Me: Not too much. I just had three margaritas and am thinking about skipping traffic court. You wanna go to Blackhawk and gamble for a few hours?
Him: Can't. Gotta work.
Me: You suck ass. But hey! I have a beauty emergency. That's why I called.
Him: What is it?
Me: Well, I've lost my eyeshadow! I'm lost without it. My face will not function. My MAC is sold out of it. Can you see if I dropped it in your Jeep after the NIN concert?
Him: Wha? Me? Eh, yeah. Going back to sleep now. (Click)

Two very long days later, also known as "I hate everybody. My freakin' eyeshadow is MIA." My face looks washed out. My eyebrows look more red than brown and more fake than my bronzing powder tan. Beauty regimen is definitely off balance. I was apathetically picking at my lunch when an unexpected text message arrived.

Text from him: Espresso eyeshadow from MAC?
Text from me: I think I love you.

I love text messages. I love eyeshadow. I'm so happy. :-)

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