Sunday, April 17, 2005

What a hoot.

Columbus (a.k.a the armpit of the east) was a fast trip. Shopping at Eastman proved worthwhile as I picked up seven new handbags. Upon great advice of my travel mate, I ate in the German Village, shopped like hell, and occasionally worked. :-)

I am however, glad to be back home where I immediately dove into the next social event which was Paris Hilton day at Flashdance Studios. I volunteered to do makeup for what I thought was going to be 3 hours but it turned into a very long night. I ended up working 4-11pm. Even though all the dance classes were long over, nobody would do photo shoots until I did their makeup. I happily obliged, but was ultimately super exhausted. I managed to get two photo shoot sessions done myself, but missed the lap dance class altogether. Good thing the studio owners kept sending up cocktails to me and my assistant. (UA you were missed!)

We got the ultra hookup from the studio which included cash, dance lessons and I scored a free photo session to do fun/glamour/erotic portraits. That's a white hot deal! Not bad. Now, what the hell am I gonna wear?

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