Wednesday, April 13, 2005

EST Bytes

Working out of a hotel room on a wireless connection reminds me of my old jet-setting days. I don't miss getting up two hours earlier to work in Eastern time and going to bed very well after midnight... it's taxing.

Forget the fact that I was delayed in Denver after a late season snowstorm closed the airport. I missed my flight (just like several hundred others) and had to wait in line for SEVEN HOURS just to check one piece of baggage. I am no longer in the premier seating area either, and have no elite travel benefits. I rode economy in a super small plane that was four seats wide and 15 rows long. Someone asked for first class seating and the flight attendant advised that the plane was to small to add any premier seating.

So.... I'm in Columbus, Ohio this week and am reminded that my glamourous days of jetting off to London or New York are simply fond memories. This time around I wear jeans to work (not cute black suits) because I plan on getting dirty. Punching down cable and looking under floor tiles pays my bills.

Good news is that I'm learning lots of new things and am eating well. I've eaten German chocolate cake for breakfast and have no need to primp. I'll get pretty when I get home.

I'm also reading more modern feminist studes which may help explain my angst with men. Great! More reasons to explain why men are so retarded.

I sure do miss Chloe and Alan at every moment. The superfriends need to reunite soon too!

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