Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Uber nerds speak...

In the office:

Nerd 1: Look! You just figured out the Powerpoint glitch.
Nerd 2: I know. We are such nerds.
Nerd 1: No... We're power clickers!

At lunch:

Nerd 1: I had a life changing experience this weekend.
(we all lean in to hear the story)
Nerd 2: Oh yeah? Is it spiritual?
Nerd 1: Sort of. I was at the mall trying on socks...

Still cached in memory:

Nerd 1: Dude! Why are you still wearing velcro tennis shoes?
Nerd 2: Because I don't care. Because they're comfortable.
Nerd 1: Those are so lame. They're ugly.
Nerd 2: Hello? They're not lame. Velcro is a space technology!

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