Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Oh, make me over!

Lady 1: Oh yes, I just love this color. You can use sheer lilac on anything.

Lady 2: That's true. Look what it does when it's layered over the chartreuse.

Both Ladies: ahhhhhhh.

Lady 2: I love MAC.

Lady 2: I love eyeshadow.

Guy in the distance: You know what I do with my eyeshadow?

Lady 1: Wha?

Lady 2: Um... You have eyeshadow?

Guy in the distance: Yeah, I microwave it. Hey lady! Your mascara is ringing!

Lady 1: Well you know we can polish your toes for you....

GITD: Okay, what color?

Lady 2: Hot Pink!

Lady 1: You can bring your friend too.

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