Monday, May 21, 2012

WICKED. Like the Witch...

Scenario: Working from the San Francisco office a couple of weeks ago. 
Can you guess who's who?
It's a not-so-secret fact that I have a crush on shiny red shoes. Red-blue shoes, in fact. Stiletto, stacked heel or wedge, no matter. And a strange big city is always a good place to try out experimental fashion, is it not? So being on the road finally lent me the nerve to take my red, ruffled patent leather Steve Madden stems for a day on the town.

Mine was an obvious ensemble: black, white and red. It's classic, easy and still fun. My beauty regimen mimicked the attire: black winged-out eyeliner, a shimmery white paint pot on the lids and a powerful crimson lip.

I was feelin' all like that chick from Bitchin' Kitchen (minus the mad kitchen skillz), all hip in a Social Distortion rockabilly kind of way. But then one of the dudes from work totally killed my fashion buzz. He said, "Hey, didn't the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz sport that exact same outfit?"

I was thrown! "What? Which witch are you talking about?" He was persistent with, "You know, the one with the house on top of her?" Then I gave him my gnarliest stink eye and said, "Are you calling me WICKED???"

Stunned, he stood silent and big-eyed for just a second. Then immediately, I started in, "Because I totally am... so that would probably be okay." Between us? It was a great comparison, and a little too accurate to dispute.Yet another fashion disaster played out on a larger than needed stage.

Bottom line: Instead of looking chic, I dress like a witch and give a monsterous stink eye.

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