Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DIY Fashion: The Mod Podge Shoe

Being an independent spirit, I'm always looking for ways to do things on my own. When I go shopping or to art fairs, I always point to great pieces I like and say, "Ya know, I can easily make that at home!" And it's absolutely true, if I had the time, the space and no cell phone from work or small children screaming in my ear, I could totally kick some crafty ass.

Already, my list of crafty to-do projects is booked out well enough into my retirement 20 years from now! However, my super crafty obsession of the moment has a rapidly approaching deadline. Denver Comic-Con is in two weeks which means I better start moving the needle on my Wonder Woman decoupage high heels!

I'll post some photos of my work when I get closer to real progress, but in the mean time, here's my inspiration fresh from awesome crafters on the internet:

The Diary of Dave's Wife

 Mod Podge Rocks

She Knows

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