Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bollywood Chic...

I recently did my friend Ula's makeup for her Indian inspired bachelorette party. Most of my research yielded results for dramatic, colorful make up, though I have been told that many Indian brides rely more on jewelry and other adornment over make up (Please post a comment if you have input on what Indian bridal make up typically looks like). We also experimented with Henna on her hands and feet which was very fun yet time consuming.

Apart from beauty treatments, we drank wine and did toasts with Polish vodka, from Ula's family recipe. One friend even attended the party from Italy, via Skype. She talked and mingled around the party while friends took turns walking a laptop from room to room. She participated in the games, did shots, and woke up at 3am in her time zone to don Indian garb, do middle eastern make up and finally end her visit with a photo slide show. It's reminded me how great technology can be when you need to close a thousand mile gap. Very chic indeed.

Ula urged me to do her make up at her wedding in India this year and even offered my own private elephant in return. India is one of twelve wedding destinations she and her fiance will be traveling to this year to wed. How romantic is it that they want to commit to each other in every language they can, on every land they can imagine? It's such an amazing gesture! More Indian Bridal looks:

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