Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Sashay, He Stays: When Your Man's Fashion is Fierce

 Scenario: A recent conversation with my girlfriend's husband, Metro Nerd. Though he's extremely well intentioned, the direction of our conversation and his partiality towards pretty cocktails and kickass stilettos quickly conjured up mental images of Metro Nerd clinking champagne glasses at a fashion show with RuPaul. Instantly, the person on the other end of my instant messages was clad in glorious, full on drag.

Metro Nerd: I may need your help with something that will be right up your alley. But you cannot blog about my stupidity as a result of me asking...
Me: Does it involve alcohol or parties? Or shopping?
Metro Nerd: Better... shoes. (Women's shoes to be exact)
Me: I (mostly) promise not to blog. What's up?
Metro Nerd: So as a surprise, I wanted to get Heather a present of the shoes she has always wanted. But I don't know where to find them. I'm pretty sure Nordstrom's at Flatirons doesn't even carry them.
Me: Christian Louboutins?
Metro Nerd: YES!
Me: You can get them at Neiman's in Denver or Saks (which is think is closing). Or online, but that would be weird. Part of the pleasure in doing something like that for Denver girls is the atmosphere, trying them on and having a drink in hand.
Metro Nerd: Yeah, not sure if I should get them online or not... since I am going to pick a pair she has to be able to easily exchange them.
Me: Neiman's does serve beverages.
Metro Nerd: Yes, but I wont be trying them on....
Metro Nerd: That might be weird.

I have to emphasize the hilariousness of Metro Nerd saying that it "might" be weird if he tried on the shoes. Like it depended on the color of the stiletto he selected. And apart from Metro's drag colored tendencies, I must also point out what an amazingly kind gesture he's doing for his woman. If only his coolness and crazy good fashion sense was contagious towards other men. Metro Nerd tentatively picked out this beautifully classic heel on his very own:

See what I mean?

Update from Muscle Nerd: Tell Metro I'll go with him. And I'll try 'em on.

I couldn't wish for a better opportunity to put eyeliner on guys and play Lip Sync For Your Life!  I'm so bringing my camera.


  1. Hey girl...found you on FTLOB. BTW- so happy I did! I've been parusing through several of your last 5-10 post and I love them!!! YOu crack me up...hope that's the goal :) Do you live in Denver??? I only ask because that's the closest any other blogger I've found is to I'm not a stalker...or crazy!! I'm in the Black Hills. My cousin lives in Denver...not that you would know her...Wow, I totally sound like crazy stalker girl..well, here's to hoping to get to know you more and you not being totally freaked out by me!!!

  2. Trying them on or not, what a great boyfriend! Haha, and I love the name Metro Nerd, you are too funny. Stopped on over from FTLOB :) Happy Thirsty Thursday!

  3. @Crystal and @TexaGermaNadian, thank you for your comments!

    @Crystal, I live just North of Denver and am slightly freaked out by you! Hahaha I kid! I have another blogger friend in Parker, CO, is that any closer to you? Is your cousin a blogger? Maybe next time you're in Denver we could all do a blogger girl lunch or something. :)


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