Monday, January 31, 2011

Cupcakes and the Mrs. Robinson Complex...

Scenario: A cupcake shop in Denver where my two kids have somehow pressured me into buying them an unhealthy dessert. There's a single person working in the small shop, a cute, young guy in a tight shirt with strong arms, as evidenced by all the heavy bakery equipment he's moving around the store.

Me: Okay kids, we're on a schedule. Tell the nice man which cupcake you'd like.
Him: Haha, you just called me a nice man. And I remember your pretty face. Didn't we go to high school together?
Me: Oh... um I don't think so. I went to school way north of here, at Westy.
Him: See? Well I went to Westy too. Graduated in 2001. When did you graduate?
My Kids: Mommy, Mommy! Mom, I want that one! No, that one! Mommmm!
Me: Um, I'm totally not telling you. Soooo. We'll take one of those... oh, and two of those.
Him: Would you like some coffee? [he inserts big, pretty smile] Your kids can sit and play over there and I can ask you more questions. How old did you say you were?
Me: Oh... um.... quite older than you it turns out. I'm old enough to be your older sister!
Him: Oh come on, it's not like you're over thirty or anything. Right?
(I trip over a floor mat as I become sickened after calculating our age gap) 
Me: Here you go, keep the change. Come on kids, say thank you to the nice man.

And yes, I trip again as I hurry out. Gaaaa, I am the king of awkward and uncool.

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  1. Anonymous6:54 AM

    lol your post was funny, although going through this was more or less confusing for me. this was quite recent. I have never been attracted to men even one year younger than myself, much less 10! I just have felt it was a mommy-son complex, which I had no Interest taking part in. At that time, I realized the extent of what his charming ways had done because i had accidently over tipped him from not paying attention. We kept staring at each other in between the fun banter, which caused me to even purchase things i didnt like just because he offered it! When I left and thought about it, I felt uneasy when I realized I entertained the thought of him and avoided the shop ever since. Months later, i was caught unaware when he asked to sit at my table with my children and i. he became a bit more bold this time and out right asked for my number. my kids normally chase "intruders" away. It has always been just us and I have never felt comfortable letting someone new come into our life in that way. So if they gave the cold shoulder when someone so much has looked my way, I'd oblige. My kids and I are very close and their approval means the world. On this occasion, they remembered his name. We both were shocked because I didn't and he didn't expect us to either. he was flattered and purchased more food for my kids. He patiently allowed my kids to jump and play all over him, while keeping the conversation flowing with us. While I tried to keep it strictly professional, I got up to leave the building when i became paranoid about the unwanted looks from others. He followed me out. I turned around and hid in the shadows along the building to get away and told him I had to go. Strangely, he approached me slowly and came a bit close. It felt too intimate for my liking and his eyes widened and then he smiled. He just became quiet while looking at me. I knew what that meant and diverted my eyes away and left. I am unsure what to make of it.


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