Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Music of the Moment: Love, Guns and Angst

In doing my very best to stay productive on a sunny and cheerful Wednesday, I'm leaning on music to accompany me through the mundane work things I simply must complete. I often wonder if I'd procrastinate as often if work wasn't so bloody boring. Or would I drag ass either way? Eh, no matter. Check out what I'm checking out: solid tunes you can sing in the shower and beyond!

Metric - Gold Guns Girls. A completely kickass alt indie track. It begs the question we all need to soberly ask ourselves of our condition, "Is it ever gonna be enough?"

Phoenix - 1901. Four French bastards who really know how to make a young and edgy pop tune. It's dance-in-your-office-chair good, though you'd get the full effect if you just stood up to get your boogie on. I always circle back to Mr. Roboto antics.

Rise Against - Savior. The guys in Rise Against kick the ever lovin' shit out of this song. Crank it up super loud and re-enact your own headbanger's ball! Here's a vid of the song from Red Rocks which is completely awesome.

Go on now, get all those loose ends tied up this side of Friday.

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