Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Time of My Life...

A recent dalliance with a curiosity-based analysis on how I've been spending every hour of my time has produced some atypical results. I guess-timated as accurately as I could about each significant activity that's a part of my standard regimen. The data was collected in hourly increments and the time for work and school are already minus the standard US holidays. Btw, what are you doing with your 8760 hours this year?

I wasn't necessarily surprised that work and sleep would monopolize my days, but I still gasped at the actual percentages. I expected 20% on work at most, but dayum, it's actually eating up 29% of my livelihood! Sure, sure, we all work and sleep, but jeez, it looks more and more like that's all I do. So this Excel exercise was useful in that I was caught off guard by the sheer saturation in which sleep and work absolutely capitalize my days and nights. It's pretty saddening.

As it stands today, I didn't allocate a single minute in this data collection to playing outside with the kids, exercising, taking bio breaks, traveling  or driving and my pie chart is already at full capacity. As a result, I'm no longer surprised that I always seem to be running behind. There's just so much crap to get done. Gaaaa. Yes, it's crap.

And at second glance, this list doesn't even look very fun. Only 48 hours a year spent enjoying tasty cocktails. Really? I can't even relay the level of shock that stings me when considering the devastatingly low allotments of my time that are dedicated to much needed intimacies like sex. Come on, I'm beautiful, married and should be clocking in more hours than a room full of rabbits or 18 year old boys with porn mags or people still on their honeymoon! Instead, the numbers suggest that I'm as sexually accomplished as a nerd who spends more time with computers, consoles, robots and protocol droids instead of actual humans. Again, it's crap.

Indeed I need to give my priorities a kick in the ass. At the top of the list? Making time for more fun and more of the things I love to do with the people I care about. I mean really, what else is there?

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