Thursday, December 17, 2009

You've got your fantasies, I've got mine...

(Via instant messenger, as always...)
Yo R, it's about that time.
Me: What time is that? Time to log off? You gonna trade me a good QB?
Riz: No... for you to gimme ur performance results
Riz: so I can plagiarize
Me: Oh man, I haven't even done mine.... been workin' too many hours to think bout that.
Riz: Me too.
Me: We need to come into some money, yo.
Riz: Yeah. So I can travel...
Me: And I can stay home.
Riz: So you can be a desperate housewife!
Me: So you can be a playa with a bankroll!
Riz: And chill on a yacht.
Me: And go to the mall...
Me: And have a pool boy.
Riz: And a fuggin' coke.

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