Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Turn Off the Lights... along with the TV, internet and widgets.

In general, one would think that after the kids have gone to bed, a married couple's television programming choices could be more daring. You know, when you're finally alone together after a long day. You've had wine with dinner, you're relaxed and you finally might be feeling a little sexy.

Thus, popular evening TV show selections for couples would lean towards the date night variety, and because it's later... perhaps even more risqué. This seems an appropriate path to traverse given the fact that you're in bed, sprawled out in your jammies in front of the LCD mounted at just the right angle. It's completely logical that some people would even consider a little soft porn at such an opportune moment. Yeow.

But no. Not at my house. Hot late night action for us includes the Syfy channel and back episodes of the X-Files. In bed. Our apparent geekiness is now exposed along with the slight confession that Mulder and Scully are still valid after all these years. Not sure why I now have the urge to blog this from my blackberry in bed. It must be the lack of pretty lingerie and sex. Or the need for a hobby. Or the desire for more Big Bang Theory episodes to watch on the DVR. Yikes!

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