Monday, November 09, 2009

Right now: things that rock my world...

I'm unsure why I've suddenly become a "make a list" kind of person, especially in my blog. I make lists aplenty in real life. On the back of envelopes from bills, on post its that are shoved to the bottom of my purse, on random napkins and on whiteboards that are collecting dust in the basement. Could it be that my mental collection of frenzied yet juicy observations are finally begging to be organized?

Anyhow, here goes. A collection of things that rock me immensely... and leave me wanting more.

1. This Muse song "Uprising" is amazing.

A rebellious, kick you in the face masterpiece. I sing along with it in the shower, in the car, on airplanes, whatever. When it gets to the opera like chorus (we will be victorious) and I really get into it, people generally stop what they're doing and just stare. I'll usually be so enthralled with the words, I'll continue on, making bigger hand gestures, jumping around and sing even louder. Don't even get me started on Supermassive Black Hole.

2. Super sweet new logos from my friend Randy Sanchez. Randy's a super talented graphic artist who also made my logo for my And Beauty For All freelance make-up website. I've known him since high school and feel so honored that he's spending time to design a logo just for my blog when he could be making a gazillion dollars doing logos for big companies (like he does all day at work). Randy, you're the best. To show my appreciation, I will deliver ice cold beer to your doorstep on demand! Here's another sample of his fan-freakin'-tastic work (and definitely more on this later):

3. What with the November 20th New Moon Premiere I'm getting back into that whole Stephanie Meyer-ish vampire versus werewolves drama. Yes, I'm dedicated to team Cullen, quite unapologetically infact.

I still get an ear to ear smile when I come across photos like this of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen. I want to be a hormonal teenage girl again so I can cry and scream like a psycho when I see Edward on TV or in magazines. He's so delicious. Reminds me of my love for Robert Smith. Almost. And ladies? You're welcome.

4. Crazy emerging tech. I'm so into the study of social media. So duh, I love blogging, micro-blogging, facebook, linked-in, everything. I need to learn how to harness its energy and use it more efficiently. I need to learn SEO. And hard core web design. So I can make tricked out monkey lovin' sweet as blogs and other sites. This one has long inspired me. So does this one. It's endless, I have so much to learn.

5. The Kings of Leon. I've been half wishing these guys were just a fad instead of a steady fixture in my musical lexicon, but no. Most definitely, they've invaded my ipod for good. I love, love, love them. All of them. I want to make out with the CD and drool on it. I'm obsessed with their latest, Sex on Fire. I play it casually 20 times a day. Here's a live version from Letterman:

6. Laura Mercier's moisturizing mask. Excellent to put in the fridge, even better while traveling. It's the first thing I do when I get to the hotel to recuperate from the stressful effects that travel can have on your skin. I put a dollup or two into a travel size container and watch TV and polish my toes while my skin just drinks it in. So refreshing.

Now it's off to bed with me. I have work to do in a few hours. Did I mention that EST bites my ass?

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