Monday, July 20, 2009

The Nerd-Glam that I really am...

My life lately plays out like the Glam-Nerd (read: Nerd-Glam) that I actually am. At least in my head. Just this past week I sipped cocktails at a highly pretentious Riverfront Park Betsey Johnson fashion show where I had awesome catwalk side seating and a good sense of humor about bitchy socialite snobbery. (Photo courtesy of The Denver Post)

The next day I worked with Edy doing freelance make-up for another fashion show downtown where we did high fashion glamor on one side of each face and special effects bruising and cuts on the other. Treś bizarre!

And finally over the weekend, I directed, selected outfits, did make-up and starred in a RockBand Music Video for a contest put on my MTV, Pepsi and Harmonics (the makers of the RockBand video game). It was hard not to do a video, because even though it's nerdy as all get out, I do love playing RockBand. Love, love, love it. The video is in editing as we speak, but I'll post it once it's complete.

After filming, I called my nerds to see if they needed help with PIX firewall upgrades and Cisco switch replacements. Though it was 11:00 at night, I secretly wanted to drive into work to surprise them and get my hands dirty. You know, kick some firewalls, rip out cables, sing the "Span" song while spanning tree converges and howl at the moon? Nevermind. My ideas about wild Saturday nights need to just stay inside my brain. So I digress...

And my inner nerd is getting the better of my design ideas lately and is mentally decorating my new house. You know, the one I haven't found or bought yet.

Über nerd must be on a similar wavelength because yesterday we debated a link he'd sent me:
Sweet-ass Geek Furniture. I have to admit, the Han Solo frozen in carbonite coffee table and rubiks cube end tables are pretty sweet. Suddenly, I want a different themed game room in every room of my imaginary house!

And don't forget to check out this Super cute Pac-Man coffee-table. Über thinks this table sucks, and that instead I should yearn for an LCD table version of the game that you can actually play. As a compromise, I'd settle for a table top pac-man game from the 80's.

But hey, what does he know about glam-nerd design? Well, he does have a pretty kickin' Lego Star Wars Destroyer currently showcased on his coffee table. Oh, and this will be Über in 20 more years if he remains single. Ha!

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