Friday, July 17, 2009

It's most definitely Friday!

1. Last nights Riverfront Park fashion show was so fantastic. Catwalk side was super kewl, but I have my eye on a cabana for next time. More on that later.

2. Tonight's fashion show will be insane, glad to be doing the freelance make-up for it. It's a late one, starts at 10:30 PM. Yeow.

3. I'm still working. Hence, an email to my nerds:

Hey Team,

Check it out, we're able to handoff DNS to the AIX team!!! I'm so happy I could kiss AIXNerd's boss on the mouth. LOL Instead, I'll log off a little early and start a kool-aid happy hour with the kids.

See? Who says you can't happy hour responsibly? Yay! :)

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