Monday, February 23, 2009

Technology, Interrupted.

After 20 glorious days of basking in the warmth of the Mexican Riviera, it was time to finally drag myself back into the office and face reality. Already, there was so much to take in. I immediately realized that the re-acclimation process would be a slow one...

Metro Nerd Boss:
So get this, my laptop keeps freezing up...
Uber Nerd: Oh man, you have issues!
Metro: Yeah, every time I plug in my power supply, it freezes up.
Uber: Did you call the help desk?
Metro: Not yet.
Uber: First they'll tell you you need to re-image. Then you'll have to replace your hard drive. By the fourth time you call, they'll tell you that you gotta replace your modem.
Metro: Modem?
Uber: Exactly.
Metro: Oh, well I was thinking that I should take out the hard drive and just drop it on the floor.

And later...

Unix Nerd: Dude, did you hear that we have Rollie Nerd writing scripts for us?
Me: Yeah, that's pretty crazy...
Unix Nerd: Seriously. I'm calling a meeting on Thursday to see where he is at and how to integrate it with our current re-validation scripts.
Me: Ay Dios mio, We are at the height of economic strain...

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