Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spanish 101 Essentials...

It's my second week in Isla Mujeres and my Spanish has arrived at a plateau. I need to buy a grammar book (as one woman has already suggested at dinner) and push myself to take it to the next level. For the most part I can get by most anywhere, but here are some new ones by me:

For wives everywhere: Te lo dije = I told you so...

To the kids: Lo digo en serio = I mean it.

New word: Durissimo. Used today in el Centro by a woman trying to threaten her loud, restless kids into being good: Me voy a pegar durissimo!
Translation: I'm going to spank you really, really, really, really hard! (make motions of one hand smacking the other one.) The kids calmed down slightly, looks like they've heard that line before. :)

More on my trip to Mexico soon, dear Readers. I have so much more to tell.

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