Saturday, February 28, 2009

Added complexity...

So the hubs and I are planning another attempt at a badass salt water tank. We've gathered sand from the island, rare seashells, and several super sweet corals straight off the shore. We've begun pricing tanks online and got giddy enough to start listing fish stores we wanted to visit this weekend. The folks were over for dinner the other night and my mom suggested we check out a fish store that was owned by her best friend's brother. I told her I'd add it to the list. Then she called me today for an update:

Mom: Hey Rhon, did you make your way to that fish store?
Me: Yeah, we just left. We didn't introduce ourselves because we didn't know the name of your BFF's brother.
Mom: Oh, good. I learned today it's not her brother after all.
Me: Oh?
Mom: Yeah, it's actually her husband's-stepbrother's-gay lover. But they broke up.

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