Sunday, December 28, 2008

Here's what I'm up to lately...

Baking: Making these freakin' fab faux toffee snacks: My neighbor made some the other day and I haven't quite stopped thinking about them.

Updating the ROM on my 8925: Gaaaa, it has only taken me a year to update my shiz and I finally got er' done! Now I have to remember the random serials for all my mobile proggies, re-assign photos and ringtones and stop wishing I had the new Blackberry Storm or the smokin' hot 3G iPhone.

Discardia: Just finished donating 7 large, black hefty bags full of the kid's toys. I am also making a serious effort to clear out the clutter hanging around my house, my machines and my mind.

Dad's MP3 player
: I am loading up as much Motown/Classic Country/Do Wop stuff onto my Dad's MP3 player in hopes that he will dance a little more this year instead of being in bed by 7:30.

Up Next: A probable Pre-New Year girls night out. If I can arrange VIP to some posh clubs, rock out and get a little toasty, that would be grand. Here's hoping I'm not hung over for NYE, that would utterly suck.

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