Friday, October 24, 2008

Can't turn it off...

The overclocked processing in my brain that never allows the rest of me to shut down and relax. Even as I attempt to wind down and take it easy right now, my brain resists the urge to chill and instead floods my thoughts with a zillion impulses on the millions of things that I should be doing, cool things I could do, appointments I better not be late for or efficiencies I could gain by doing things differently. Quite frankly, I wish it would stop.

I don't want to think about my social calendar, an overbooked weekend, twitter, facebook, blogger, work, halloween costumes and parties, how to finish decorating the loft and dining rooms, the videos I want to upload to you tube, the carmel apple cupcakes I should be baking with Chloe right now or all of the work stuff I let slip under the radar. Speaking of which, I still have a firewall change to complete right after I blow off thoughts of dedicated backplane connections where I session into line cards on the Cisco 6500 series switches via telnet. No, Rhonda, the traffic never traverses a firewall, quit freaking out about locking yourself out of your own gear by removing telnet ACLs. Gaaaaa.

Alcohol ETA, 10 minutes. Here's hoping I can finally get around to coloring my hair, polishing my nails and enjoying some wine while the kiddos nap. Wish me luck.

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