Friday, July 25, 2008

Dream Interpretation 101: WTF does it all mean?

Right. So, I had an unusually creepy dream recently and I have absolutely no clue what it means. Or what the universe is trying to tell me. I'm going to tell you about it though and if you can dissect any nuggets of wisdom from it, I'll slip you a check or buy you a beer so we can discuss.

In general, most of my dreams are fun, wild or simply illustrate my insecurities (being naked in public places) or my fear of not having control (a recurring dream about driving off a cliff in a school bus... but I survive). This one is different than anything I've ever dreamt. It's freaky.

In this dream, I found myself one of four people in an over sized old four door 1970's type sedan. It's pitch black outside and I can't identify any of the people in the car with me. All I know is that I'm sitting in the backseat directly behind the driver. The only light I see is from the headlights shining two bright beams onto the road. We're driving very fast and the pavement is skipping past the headlights at an incredible speed.

I notice that the driver will not stop speeding. He will not slow down and will not remove his foot from the gas pedal. He is panicked and as freaked out as everyone else in the car. It seems to me that he doesn't have any control over his actions. So it's dark, I have no clue who else is with me, I'm in a speeding car that shows no signs of slowing down and it suddenly occurs to me... everybody in the car is screaming frightfully as loud as they can, even the driver. Nobody hears us.

Then I woke up.

Honestly people, help me out. What the hell does it all mean?

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