Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My GPS Signal Reads: Super Lost

I am in Tampa, FL in CCNP bootcamp for the next two weeks, facing some of my toughest challenges of the year. And January isn't even over. It's well known that the Professional Level Cisco certification tests are no joke, so acknowledging that there are four tests with my name on em' makes me a little shaky in the knees.

As usual, I'm the only girl in a male dominated classroom, outside of technology similarities run thin. The good news is that I'm in good company. So far, these nerds are great. From the first day of class they've made me feel welcome. I have practice tests, class notes, cheat sheets, printouts, diagrams, video tutorials, and study sessions. I just wish I didn't feel like Mrs. Robinson when the cute twenty something year-olds buy me dinner. Ha!

Since I'm already here, I'll be glad to use the time to focus on developing my skill set and grow as a networker. Since it's warmer in Tampa (it was 65 yesterday) my skin is slowly starting to recover from one of my worst bad skin marathons in years. I hear it's super cold in Denver (the high was 9 yesterday) and I'm glad I get a little time off from that crap. Skiing at Copper last Monday burned and chaffed my skin beyond belief! As always, I miss my kids and can't wait to kick ass on these tests and get back to spending quality time at home. Wish me luck. :)

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