Saturday, October 27, 2007

Yet another fantastic adventure... and this one isn't just in my head.

I've been working away from home this week, so Friday night found me hanging out here in St. Louis. In my typical loser fashion, I worked for more than 13 suckass hours before calling it a day. Thank goodness I had the good fortune of meeting up with two super fun local friends (Crazy-ass Mitch who brought Super Cute Brandie) who like to have fun, and enjoy eclectic things that equal chaotic yet chic bizart. The City Museum is truly amazing, especially if you consider that there are two airplanes supsended by monkey bars out front and a yellow school bus looking down at you from the top of the building. Don't get me started on the various black holes scattered inside the museum that served as slides to who knows where. There's also a three story spiral slide that completely kicks ass.

The St. Louis City Museum in was having their 10 year anniversary and the celebration (which ran until 1:00am, trust me) included everything from fortune tellers, face and body paintings, hot goth girls on roller skates, ropes to swinging across half pipes on, circus acts, a burlesque show, music, cocktails and so much other fabulous funkiness to mention. My friends Mitch and Brandie undoubtedly ruled the night, even if they smoked more pot than all of the tree-hugging hippies in Boulder. (Which I neither condemn nor condone btw, but damn breakfast at the Courtesy Diner was the shiz) :)

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