Friday, August 24, 2007

The Happy Hour(s)

Thursday night finds me fully made up, complete with a full-on rockstar coif and an ultra short mini-dress (my newest lucky dress, I think). I'm right on time to pick up Denise then to swing by Lisa's. What's that you say, Lisa? You want to be the DD tonight? Perfect! We head downtown to meet Tammy and Melanie.

But before we can manage to enter our planned meeting spot, I curiously slip into the bar across the street to investigate the cause of some obvious commotion near the door. Is it my lucky day, here in my lucky black dress? It must be. How else can I randomly stumble across the Denver Firefighter's Calendar Party? There's no better way to start the night off than with some slicked up, barely-clad dancing firemen. Yesss!

The rest of the night and the various clubs we visited (SC or Lodos? Mynt or Monark?) was mostly a blur. Lots of socializing, beveraging and just being silly. Around 2am we met for breakfast at the Denver Diner to sober up and compare notes. I was even reunited with an old Unix guy friend (who girls would absolutely swoon over). He quit the IT business in favor of doing hair in Beverly Hills. He's now back in town working at a new hair salon with his life-partner. Crazy and cool... whatever floats your boat. He gave everybody at our table a hair consult. Says I need to go lighter... which I really do. Dark hair is doing nothing for me, except aging my soon to be saggy ass.

Other than that, we were quick to dismiss the 23 year old pilot (Who called me 29, damnit), the funky disco dancers, the bald guy, the server sales guy (ick), the DJ (after he refused to play Whip It for Lisa and I) and the photographer from Miami. I talked a little bit longer to what I thought was my professional equal, but is now just a beautiful liar. I was impressed that he was a well dressed, faux-hawk sporting network-security guy in the financial industry. He spoke MMORPG and RPG. He knew about Leroy Jenkins and WOW. Wasn't intimidated by a female version of him. He also spoke good martini's and liked the Plain White T's. Wow... and I don't mean World of Warcraft.

All seemed to be going well until...
Him: So, like, is this the last time I'm ever going to see you? I just know it, you're going to disappear after this. No one is going to believe me that a girl like you exists.
Me (Nods): Yes, something like that.
Him: Here, at least take my number, here's my entire name just in case you change your mind.
Me: No chance of that. (Motions to ring finger)
Him: So you're married... Happily?
Me: Look, I don't make any promises, but I would be willing to be friends if you can answer one question for me.
Him: And what question is that?
Me: If I send you a SYN, what would you send me back?
Him: A SYN?
Me: Yes. Ess, why, en. SYN.
Him: I dunno. I'd have to think about it.
Me (shaking head): Right. Well it was very nice to meet you. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Telling the nerds at work the story:
Me: Yeah, so he didn't know what to send after a SYN.
Nerds (almost in unison): SYN ACK.
Über Nerd: Hello? It's a three-way handshake. SYN, SYN/ACK, ACK. Every nerd knows that.
Me: I know. But not him, I guess that's too bad.
Über Nerd: Then he's just not a real nerd. Connection refused. RST.
Granola Nerd: Nope. RST!

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