Thursday, August 30, 2007

Men are definitely from Mars...

Me: Don't wear that shirt, it's gay.
Granola Nerd: Yeah, OK. Well just don't forget to invite me to your next slumber party.
Me: Sure! We'll polish our toes, eat bon-bons and watch re-runs of Sex in the City.
Granola Nerd: Ugh. My roommate hogs the TV and watches that stupid show all the time.
Über Nerd: Sounds like you need to upgrade the TV and put it in your room.
Granola Nerd: Yeah, that would be nice... (sighs)Can't.
Me: Um hello? Not a chance! Look, Über. One day you will meet a girl and she will rule both you AND your TV. You'll just sit there quietly and contently, watching SITC episodes too.
Über Nerd: That would suck.
Granola Nerd (Nods): Yes, yes it does.
Me: I think it's good for men to watch that show. It's a candid, accurate portrayal of women. Men could stand to learn a lot about women from Sex in the City.
Granola Nerd: Just what every man needs, a lesson in CRAZY.
Über Nerd: Psycho.

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