Friday, October 27, 2006

It's been awhile...

Gosh. I've written in various blogs for many years, but I've taken a super-long hiatus this past year. I miss my old blogs and all those wild times. My old life was fun and crazy. It is comparable perhaps to an awesomely out of control roller coaster with bad breaks and squeaky, loose tracks. Scary but cool, bizarre and fascinating. Much of that party phase has passed, but who cares? There's always a story to tell. My break from writing is over, I am so overdue.

At the moment, I have entered yet another self-discovery phase. This is where I evaluate wherever it is I think I belong in the world. I'm getting better at it too. For the most part, I know pretty much who I am and I can deal with that. I know who I love. And better, I know what I will and will not do for love. I finally believe that the life you live really is the life you choose.

It has taken me a very long time to arrive at this oddly stable juncture. I get me. Seriously! I'm even okay with coming face to face with that trigger happy, wild and judgmental, overly critical slave to fashion I meet in the mirror every morning. I'm really learning to love that bitch. She shoots straight from the hip.
As it goes, I have a number of things yet to tackle in life and am just conserving enough energy to set off on a whole new set of adventures. Even if they're all in my head...

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