Sunday, February 13, 2005

Story Of My Life... uhhh huhhh

(To be sung to the tune of Story of my life by Social Distortion)

Friday Night seemed like such a blur,
I didn't have much interest in the opening acts or crowd control.
And at work I dreamed all day,
Of a rock 'n' roll weekend

And the boy in the front of the VIP section,
So close yet so far y'know he never seemed to notice
That this silly yellow wristband
Could have gotten me in.

Life goes by so fast
You only want to do what you think is right.
Close your eyes and then it's past;
Story of my life

And I went down to old Joe's hood.
Their faces haven't changed but there's no one left to talk to
And the nerdy boys I loved last year
Still storm out in anger.

I went downstairs to look for the ladies room
I had no patience to wait, no knockout status to speak of.
I looked at the crusty stoner girls looking in the mirror
And turned and headed back.


Good times come and good times go,
I only wish the good times would last a little longer.
I think about the good times we had
And why they had to end.

So I sit at the edge of my bed
with a sore twisted ankle and I post in my blog.
Wonerin' 'bout what you're doin' now
And when you're comin' back.

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