Friday, February 11, 2005

Oh my God, what have I done?

In a parental attempt to set a good example, we went to church this week and are participating in the Catholic tradition of lent. We've gotten the grey ashes on our foreheads, and each have given up something we really enjoy for the 46 days of the lent season.

While Alan never did mention what it is he has given up, I chose to sacrifice chocolate and wine. Maybe you didn't catch that. I have just gone cold turkey on chocolate and wine for the next 40 something days. Got it? Me no chocolate. Me no wine. Whine? Yes. Wine? No. Insanity or sinning is now imminent.

We'll see if I crack right away like a sissy during PMS or if I'm truly mentally strong and can manage a soulful sacrifice. Either way, I can almost guarantee that some bitchiness will be involved.

Scenario: Me at lunch with people from work.

Him: So, do you participate in all Catholic traditions?
Me: Mostly.
Him: Do you go to confession?
Me: Only when I feel a big sin coming on.

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