Friday, February 18, 2005

OMG, I have an evil protoge...

(An unexpected discovery, mid-conversation with my apparent Padiwan learner)
And that's why you're even taking stripper classes...

Because you miss the person you used to be. You miss the badass from not so long ago. I was just a little girl when I met you and you changed the way I see myself. You got me through my teenage years and taught me how to deal with boys.

When we first met, you were confident, independent and didn't take crap from anybody. You were pretty and saucy and never gave a damn what anybody thought of you. I remember the way you used to dress and how sometimes people would just stare at you, and you could care less. You were always fun, and sexy and liked to party. Do you remember that time you made Cooper wear your lingerie and make out with an orange?

Well today you're a different person. You have a baby and a house. You have a serious job. You're just like everybody else now. It never used to be that way.

Do you see the way I go through men all the time now? I've got them all on a string. I love to look really hot and party. I have a date almost every night of the week. I call the shots now.

Do you know why? Because I learned it from you. Hell, I am you. I'm the new you.

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