Friday, February 18, 2005

Friday afternoon funk

Ultraaries is in Maine with her five kids. Well, five kids if you count the dog and the boyfriend. *smirk* Damn, I wanted her to go to MAC with me this weekend to get a makeover from their new Madame Butterfly campaign.

Jeckyl is at home with his sick wife. LOL, that was just funny to type.

Jacques came to see me for lunch in Boulder today so I took him to my favorite yummy BBQ place in Prospect. Cherry cobbler = de-lish!

I still haven't seen or heard a single peep from Nick who seems to be locked down at the chemical factory he works at. That, or Jacques has him bound and gagged in the closet until he agrees to move out. Oddly enough, I sorta miss him. I wanna shoot him with my paintball gun which I also miss.

No word from Bubblegoose and Stef since they moved to AZ. WTF? Somebody better recognize and at least represent with a text from time to time.

Enrique Suave still shags twenty-somethings in his spare time. Nothing new, except the absence of text messages to me. Lame-o!

Eric Le Crazy (biting my lip so I don't laugh too loud when I type that)recently got another guitar. I totally wanna go watch him rock out with it. He's so amusing. Watch out Phantom of the Opera - this guy can play the piano wackier than you.

No word from Becky except for a recent pic of her, her dog and her fab new jeep. It's sweet! I still wanna go to high tea sometime soon.

I can't decide who sucks more: Jeckyl for cutting out today or people who never post in their blogs. Wait. Jeckyl is both of those people. You really suck. LOL

Wow. That's it. My circle of friends is shrinking by the post. Well, have a good weekend anyway. P.S. You are such a loser if you are reading this on a Friday afternoon. Much to even my surprise, you have no effin life. At least I go to stripper class later. LOL

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