Saturday, November 06, 2004

Clash of the lifestyles

Sitting idle in front of my pc on a Saturday night is not my idea of a good time. Infact, glancing over email invitations to emerging nightclubs and temptations of free shipping from MAC if you buy their night life collection is weird when they're sitting right next to emails about why babies need downtime and how to best discipline your kids. It's confusing as all hell to me. Where and when did my life become so domestically bland? If I'm staying home on a Saturday night, shouldn't I at least surf some porn?

Not that I have a deficit of party invitations or concerts to rock out at, but being a mommy really makes if difficult to let loose. Surprisingly enough, I can't help certain body parts from "letting it all hang out" which translates to my big ass being wobbly and all over the map. I have to wonder if this "No party diet" is self induced or if my new stay at home mentality is imposed by those around me. Am I really a shitty mommy if I go out once or twice a month? Why restrain myself?

Bloody hell. I'm on the brink of sheer insanity the more I pretend to be the laid back, stay at home type of person. Fuck man, I may very well take up smoking just to get a good release.

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