Monday, October 18, 2004

Question: Is that a real Louis?

Yeah, it's a real one. It's my only one... a gift from two very special boys. Two boys I really miss seeing all the time. I take my purse to work everyday because it reminds me of them. I feel bad that we didn't quite get around to a final movie night, and that I haven't cashed in on our cigar-infused Soprano discussions in a long time. Heck, I regret not managing to take a good inventory of Joe's massive humidor in an effort to make off with a chocolate flavored cigar and a couple of candelas. Ah well, there will be a next time. *smirk*

Working with a newer, smaller crew is weird. No red dashboard hounding me. I don't even think I've picked up the phone yet. I am, however, terrified of what's waiting for me around the corner. Being on-call and working weekends will definitely slow down my social calendar but this time I think it will be worth it. Working in Boulder is fun and new, but I miss Becky heaps and our daily coffee and chocolate binges! I think I've mentioned her, Joe, Jaime and Eric over five hundred times, very casually.

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