Thursday, October 21, 2004

My clothes are tight. My roots are showing. My nails are bitten down the raw skin. I'm having another bad, dry skin marathon due to weather changes. My lips are cracked. I'm running out of black clothes to wear.

Does anybody want to adopt me and take me for a makeover?


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  2. At 10:19 PM, bkjones said...
    Wow-I think the parchment look is circulating among the the 'fab femme' ranks! We could always say that we're trying different 'looks' in preparation for Halloween. That reminds me, I caught a glimpse of something while passing down the hall, it was frightful and yet somehow familiar, out of morbid curiosity I had to go back and take a second look, that's when it hit........'oh my Heck, but it can't be, is that really me?!! I wonder if I should call in sick?

    I just dread days like that, nothing is right and everything is like being on the outside looking in, I guess it's just another 'Alice' day.


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